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About Tonia Renee Lee Ministries
 Tonia Renee Lee Ministries is a ministry devoted to spreading the word of Jesus Christ as charged in the Great Commission and equipping saints for the ministry.  We are owned and operated in Lawton, OK.  In July 2011, the ministry founded the Lawton-Fort Sill Graduate School of Theology.     
Dr. Tonia Renee Lee
Dr. Claudine Brunt Lee
Tonia Renee Lee, D. Min., Ed. S., M.P.A., and B.A. serves as the congregational leader of  Tonia Renee Lee ministries.   Dr. Lee  also serves as the Dean of the Lawton-Ft. Sill Graduate School of Theology. 
Claudine Brunt Lee,  D. Theology, 
M. Ed., and B.S. serves as advisor and financial officer of  Tonia Renee Lee ministries.  In addition, she serves as President Emeritus of the Lawton-Ft. Sill Graduate School of Theology.
Committed to speading the good news of Jesus Christ through education!